Global Learning Reporting

IG provide a holistic view of the effectiveness of learning and development activities for over 25,000 employees, visualised within Tableau.

Industry Online Marketing
Geography Global

Following the implementation of an online learning management platform, this client sought to understand the efficacy of learning content being delivered to their global employee population.

The learning management platform supports the organisation in delivering hundreds of learning pathways aimed at continuously developing employee skills. Monitoring employee engagement and the impact of content proved highly challenging to overcome.

Due to the Cloud-based deployment of the learning management tool, accessing data was slow and prohibitive to analysis.

Data issues fundamentally proved to be a blocker for strategic decision making and improvement programs.

The Solution

Creation of data export task

Created scripts to automatically import all accessible data from multiple REST API's


Creation of Tableau dashboards

Collaboratively defined content and built sophisticated dashboards ensuring high levels of insight into the learning journeys of all staff

Feedback and UAT

Iteratively improved dashboards with input from key stakeholders




Overcame data accessibility and quality issues


Positively impacted global learning programmes and skill development

View Case Study PDF

View Case Study PDF

Operational Measurement