Update from The IG Group Regarding COVID-19

August 20th 2020

Update from The IG Group Regarding COVID-19

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Here in the UK, we are now into our fourth week of lock-down due to the effects of COVID-19. Across the globe, life has fundamentally changed. Lives and livelihoods are at risk in a way which most of us have not seen within our lives.

It is undoubtedly a scary time for us all and we would like to send our thoughts to everyone who this situation has affected. We would also like to send our thanks to all the essential key workers risking their health so humanity can overcome and eventually get back to some semblance of normality. We must all work together to ensure this happens. 

Here at The IG Group, we count ourselves incredibly lucky to have the infrastructure to work from home under these circumstances and therefore we are able to continue supporting our clients in whatever way we can. We are here and we are still open. Using our expert knowledge we are supporting our current clients, helping them to make data-driven and concise decisions in these incredibly difficult times. We are also willing to speak to any other business who may have queries about how the use of any of our services may support them, not just during but also after the situation has been overcome. 

Visit https://theiggroup.com/services/ to see what we can provide to you and your business.

Email Us should you have any query. 


Take care and keep safe! 


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